When a Power Control Building is delivered, all the customer typically needs to do is:

  1. Place it on the suitable foundation such as a concrete pad or pier.
  2. Make the incoming and outgoing load connections. Power Control Buildings are a complete unit and can be pre-wired and factory tested.

Features, Benefits and Function

  1. Lower installation cost: Job site labor and material costs are sharply reduced because the Power Control Building arrives complete, ready for connections.
  2. Minimal start-up time: Each Power Control Building is checked to assure wiring accuracy, control scheme correctness, and equipment operation.
  3. Installation delays reduced: Job site delays caused by trying to coordinate multiple vendors are eliminated.
  4. Reduced procurement time: Scheduling and expediting are handled through a single purchase order and point of contact.
  5. Customized design: Power Control Buildings have very few restrictions. They can be of almost any size, shape or color and in addition, can include whatever equipment necessary from major equipment vendors such as Cutler-Hammer, General Electric, Siemens, etc.